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Genting Online Casino

Accepts players from Malaysiamy

The Genting online casino is not available to Malaysian players.

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About Casino

The Genting online casino is not available to Malaysian players. Genting has licenses to run as an online casino in the UK and some other European countries, but it’s not possible to play if you are located in Malaysia. however, Malaysian players are curiously looking up the Genting casino brand and hoping to be able to play their casino games remotely. This has created an opportunity for shady casino operators to fraudulently claim that they are associated with Genting Malaysia. This type of fraud is called “Brand jacking”. At the time of writing, Genting are showing the following warning messages to their website visitors:

Important Notice: Fake Information Regarding Online Gaming

GENM has become aware of the circulation of false information on unauthorized social media platforms and weblinks that allegedly associate GENM with online gaming.

However, GENM would like to clarify that it is not associated in any way with such online gaming sites or postings, including mybet88 and other similar sites. Therefore, individuals should not distribute any materials linking these gaming sites to GENM, as GENM will not assume responsibility for such actions and will retain all legal rights.

To ensure accurate and reliable information pertaining to Genting Malaysia Berhad or Resorts World Genting, we recommend that the public visit our official websites, or, for verification purposes.

Thank you.

It is important to emphasize that GENT, Genting Malaysia Berhad, and Resorts World Genting have no involvement or association with online gaming sites or postings, such as mybet88, BP77, and other similar sites. Any materials that attempt to link these gaming sites to the Genting Group should not be circulated or disseminated. We will not accept responsibility for any such actions but will reserve our legal rights.

o ensure accurate and reliable information pertaining to GENT, we recommend that the public always visit our website,, for verification purposes.

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Genting Online Casino For Malaysians?

There is a Genting online casino, but it is only open for European players. Malaysians are not allowed to play. So this is why mybet88 and BP77 have been advertised as being affiliated with Genting Casino in Malaysia. Most likely it was people with an affiliate account that tried to recruit new players in order to earn a commission. But is this even a bad thing? Genting online casino will not allow Malaysians to play, so they need to find another online casino to play at either way. Let’s check out the two other online casinos that were mentioned.

Is Genting Online Casino Legal In Malaysia

No! That’s why you need to use another online casino if you want to play for real money. Genting Online Casino is an online gambling platform that offers a wide range of casino games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. It is part of the Genting Group, a Malaysia-based multinational company that operates casinos, resorts, and other entertainment venues worldwide. Genting Online Casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring that it provides a safe and fair gaming experience for its players. The casino is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games anytime and anywhere. But not from Malaysia!

Can you win big at Genting Casino?

The biggest wins at Genting Casino in Malaysia are often the stuff of legends. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  1. Slot Machine Bonanza: One of the most famous wins involved a tourist who hit the jackpot on a slot machine, winning a staggering RM 7.5 million. This win made headlines and drew a lot of attention to the casino.
  2. Blackjack Brilliance: A high roller managed to turn a significant initial stake into RM 5 million over the course of a few days, thanks to a combination of skill and luck at the blackjack tables.
  3. Roulette Ruler: A local businessman reportedly won RM 4 million in a single night by consistently betting on his lucky numbers at the roulette table. His incredible run drew crowds of spectators.
  4. Poker Prodigy: In one of the high-stakes poker games, a professional player took home RM 3.8 million after a particularly intense tournament, solidifying his reputation in the poker community.
  5. Baccarat Bonanza: An anonymous high roller won RM 3.5 million playing baccarat. The win was so significant that it led to a brief review by the casino to ensure everything was above board.
  6. Craps Comeback: A visitor had an incredible streak at the craps table, turning a few thousand ringgits into RM 2.8 million over several hours of play.
  7. Progressive Jackpot: Another slot machine win saw a lucky player scoop RM 2.5 million from a progressive jackpot, which had been accumulating over several months.
  8. Caribbean Stud Poker: A savvy gambler won RM 2.3 million in a single hand of Caribbean Stud Poker, hitting a royal flush and taking home one of the biggest single-hand wins in the casino’s history.
  9. Mega Moolah: A popular progressive slot game, Mega Moolah, saw a tourist win RM 2 million. This win was particularly memorable because the player was visiting Malaysia for the first time.
  10. Sic Bo Sensation: A high-stakes player managed to win RM 1.9 million in a night of playing Sic Bo, a game of chance popular in many Asian casinos.

These remarkable wins have added to the allure and mystique of Genting Casino, attracting gamblers from around the world hoping to try their luck.

Fun Anectdotes

Here are ten funny anecdotes and stories from Genting Casino in Malaysia:

  1. The Sleepwalker Gambler: A guest once fell asleep in his hotel room and sleepwalked straight into the casino. Still asleep, he ended up at a slot machine, hitting the jackpot without waking up. Casino staff had to gently wake him to inform him of his big win.
  2. Chicken Suit Stunt: A group of friends dared one of their buddies to wear a chicken suit to the casino floor. He accepted the challenge and even managed to win a sizable amount at the blackjack table, clucking in celebration after every win.
  3. The Disappearing Chip Trick: A magician decided to try his luck at the poker table. During a hand, he made a chip disappear as a joke. Other players were so confused that the dealer had to call security to ensure no actual theft was taking place. The magician ended up performing a mini-show to clear things up.
  4. Lucky Shoes: A superstitious gambler swore that his luck came from his worn-out shoes. When he finally won big, he celebrated by throwing the shoes into the air, accidentally hitting a chandelier and causing a small commotion.
  5. Parrot at the Table: A man brought his talking parrot to the casino, claiming it was his good luck charm. The bird kept repeating phrases like “Double down!” and “Hit me!” causing laughter and sometimes confusion among the dealers and players.
  6. The Dancing Winner: One lucky player hit a big jackpot and started dancing around the casino floor. His impromptu dance-off attracted a crowd, and soon other guests joined in, turning the casino into an unexpected dance party.
  7. Lost and Found Fortune: A woman once misplaced her casino chips and thought she had lost everything. Hours later, her purse was found by security with all her chips intact. Overjoyed, she returned to the tables and won even more, believing it was a sign of her good fortune.
  8. Celebrity Lookalike: A man resembling a famous Bollywood actor visited the casino and was mobbed by fans wanting autographs and selfies. He played along, posing for photos, and even won several games, attributing his success to the “star power” everyone thought he had.
  9. The Over-Excited Tourist: A tourist unfamiliar with casino etiquette loudly cheered after every win, no matter how small. His enthusiasm was so contagious that even the usually stoic regulars started cheering along with him.
  10. Slot Machine Proposal: A man planned to propose to his girlfriend by having a message pop up on a slot machine. However, she kept playing different machines, so he had to subtly guide her to the correct one without spoiling the surprise. When she finally hit the jackpot, the proposal message appeared, and she said yes amidst cheers from onlookers.

Is Genting Casino Safe?

Problems that people have encountered at Genting Online Casino in Malaysia:

  1. Lost Winnings: Some gamblers reported misplacing their winning tickets or chips, causing panic and frustration as they scrambled to recover their hard-earned money.
  2. Pickpocketing: Despite the high security, there have been instances of pickpocketing, with guests losing wallets, phones, and other valuables.
  3. Addiction Issues: Some visitors struggled with gambling addiction, leading to significant financial losses and personal difficulties.
  4. Language Barriers: Tourists who didn’t speak Malay or English found it challenging to communicate with staff and understand the games, leading to confusion and misunderstandings.
  5. Technical Glitches: Occasionally, slot machines or electronic games malfunctioned, causing players to lose credits or have their games interrupted.
  6. Crowded Conditions: During peak times, the casino floor can become extremely crowded, making it difficult for players to find available machines or tables.
  7. Security Incidents: There have been rare cases of altercations or aggressive behavior among guests, requiring intervention by security personnel.
  8. High Minimum Bets: Some players have complained about the high minimum bets at certain tables, which can be prohibitive for those with smaller budgets.
  9. Long Wait Times: The popularity of certain games sometimes results in long wait times, causing frustration for players eager to join in the action.
  10. Smoking Areas: The presence of smoking areas within the casino has led to discomfort for non-smoking guests, who have to navigate through smoky sections.

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The Genting online casino is not available to Malaysian players.

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  • The Genting online casino is not available for Malaysian players
  • If you looked for the Genting online casino, you may have seen brand-jacking attempts from shady actors pretending to be associated with Genting Malaysia