Genting Online Casino
Genting Online Casino
Genting Online Casino

Genting Online Casino

Accepts players from Malaysiamy

The Genting online casino is not available to Malaysian players.

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  • A Malaysian land-based casino with fancy venues
  • world-class services and entertainment offered


  • The Genting online casino is not available for Malaysian players
  • If you looked for the Genting online casino, you may have seen brand-jacking attempts from shady actors pretending to be associated with Genting Malaysia

About Casino

The Genting online casino is not available to Malaysian players. Genting has licenses to run as an online casino in the UK and some other European countries, but it’s not possible to play if you are located in Malaysia. however, Malaysian players are curiously looking up the Genting casino brand and hoping to be able to play their casino games remotely. This has created an opportunity for shady casino operators to fraudulently claim that they are associated with Genting Malaysia. This type of fraud is called “Brand jacking”. At the time of writing, Genting are showing the following warning messages to their website visitors:

Important Notice: Fake Information Regarding Online Gaming

GENM has become aware of the circulation of false information on unauthorized social media platforms and weblinks that allegedly associate GENM with online gaming.

However, GENM would like to clarify that it is not associated in any way with such online gaming sites or postings, including mybet88 and other similar sites. Therefore, individuals should not distribute any materials linking these gaming sites to GENM, as GENM will not assume responsibility for such actions and will retain all legal rights.

To ensure accurate and reliable information pertaining to Genting Malaysia Berhad or Resorts World Genting, we recommend that the public visit our official websites, or, for verification purposes.

Thank you.

It is important to emphasize that GENT, Genting Malaysia Berhad, and Resorts World Genting have no involvement or association with online gaming sites or postings, such as mybet88, BP77, and other similar sites. Any materials that attempt to link these gaming sites to the Genting Group should not be circulated or disseminated. We will not accept responsibility for any such actions but will reserve our legal rights.

o ensure accurate and reliable information pertaining to GENT, we recommend that the public always visit our website,, for verification purposes.

Genting Casino as imagined by Midjourney

Genting Online Casino For Malaysians?

There is a Genting online casino, but it is only open for European players. Malaysians are not allowed to play. So this is why mybet88 and BP77 have been advertised as being affiliated with Genting Casino in Malaysia. Most likely it was people with an affiliate account that tried to recruit new players in order to earn a commission. But is this even a bad thing? Genting online casino will not allow Malaysians to play, so they need to find another online casino to play at either way. Let’s check out the two other online casinos that were mentioned.

Is Genting Online Casino Legal In Malaysia

No! That’s why you need to use another online casino if you want to play for real money. Genting Online Casino is an online gambling platform that offers a wide range of casino games, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. It is part of the Genting Group, a Malaysia-based multinational company that operates casinos, resorts, and other entertainment venues worldwide. Genting Online Casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring that it provides a safe and fair gaming experience for its players. The casino is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games anytime and anywhere. But not from Malaysia!

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The Genting online casino is not available to Malaysian players.

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