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Complete Statistics On Gambling Industry in the UK

As a crucial aspect of the SOFTSWISS Managed Services, the Player Reactivation team is responsible for dealing with players who exhibit a decline or absence of gambling activity. The team’s performance report reveals that the number of reactivated players has surged by 2.2 times while the total deposits have increased by 5.5 times compared to the previous year.

Throughout 2022, the Player Reactivation team collaborated with online casinos with annual GGR ranging from 100 thousand EUR up to 3.5 million EUR, and their efforts produced outstanding results:

  • The reactivation of 13,300 dormant players
  • The acceptance of 9.58 million EUR in deposits

To achieve these results, the Player Reactivation team placed 50,000 calls and dispatched 30,000 SMS and messages through various communication applications. Interestingly, the deposits made after calls accounted for 82% of the total, while those made after text messages constituted only 18%.

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