Pragmatic Play Fortune 6 Baccarat

by Empire777 Casino

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About Pragmatic Play Fortune 6 Baccarat

Fortune 6 BaccaratPragmatic Play introduces Fortune 6 Baccarat, an innovative Live Baccarat variant. Building on the traditional Baccarat game, Fortune 6 incorporates a series of distinct side bets that can be played independently or in conjunction with the main Baccarat hand. These unique side bets set Fortune 6 apart, highlighting Pragmatic Play’s dedication to enhancing the player experience.

For those unfamiliar with Baccarat, the game is played with eight shuffled decks of 52 cards dealt by a dealer from a shoe. Players can bet on two positions: Banker and Player. The goal is to predict which position will have a hand value closest to nine, termed a “Natural.” Tied hands result in returned stakes, and a third card may be added depending on the total hand value.

Seven key aspects of Fortune 6 Baccarat include the following:

  1. The game features five special side bets: Player or Banker Fortune Pair, Fortune 6, Player 6, and Banker 6.
  2. Side bets can be played individually or alongside the main Baccarat hand.
  3. Player Fortune Pair and Banker Fortune Pair side bets are disabled after 40 hands.
  4. Player 6 and Banker 6 side bets are also disabled after 40 hands.
  5. Fortune 6 side bet is disabled after 30 hands.
  6. Fortune Pair boasts the highest RTP at 97.83%, while Banker 6 has the lowest at 93.36%.
  7. Main Baccarat Player hand offers an RTP of 98.76%, while the Banker’s hand stands at 98.94%.

Fortune 6 Baccarat offers three separate side bets: Player 6 and Banker 6, Fortune 6, and Player/Banker Fortune Pair. The first 30 hands of the shoe are eligible for the Fortune 6 side bet, while Player/Banker 6 and Player/Banker Fortune Pair are available for the first 40 hands. All side bets are reactivated with a new shoe.

Fortune 6 Baccarat includes roadmaps that track the game’s results during the current shoe. The Bead Plate and Big Road roadmaps display the outcomes of side bets, although their presentation might not be immediately apparent. A closer examination of these roadmaps can help players track Fortune 6 side bet results.

Lastly, the return-to-player (RTP) values for Pragmatic Fortune 6 Baccarat are 98.76% for the Player hand and 98.94% for the Banker hand. Player or Banker Fortune Pair side bets share an RTP of 97.83%, while the Tie Bet has the lowest RTP at 85.64%. The Fortune 6 side bet as a whole features an RTP of 96.26%.

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